Preventive Maintenance Is The Best Medicine

You’ve heard it a thousand times “preventive maintenance is the best medicine”. You and I know it’s still true. Now there is a good chance you have already taken these steps to protect your homes ability to keep you comfortable but if not here are a few basic tips every homeowner should know.

1. Clean
Get that dirt and those leaves out of there. You want to make sure the unit has room to breathe and work efficiently.
Make sure you turn the power to the unit off at the Disconnect.
Cut back any bushes vines or any other vegetation creeping its way into or around your outside condenser.
Grab a hose and spray down the outside coil. Then spray your kids then spray your spouse laugh a little and then move on.
Use coil cleaner on the outside coil. Wait awhile or at least as long as the directions say.
Spray the outside coil again, yep and then spray anyone in sight or range maybe not the neighbor.

2. Inspect
Take a look at the unit make sure everything looks in order. Does the wiring look ok? Is the case on securely? Spend a moment to decide if you are comfortable enough with your HVAC knowledge to decide that everything is ok.
Then take another moment to think about how much longer and more efficient your system is going to run because you decided to schedule a licensed technician to perform a proper inspection.
You still want to keep going on your own ok let’s go.
Check for any signs of leaks.
Check the refrigerant charge.
Check the Capacitors.
Test that the fan motor is operating smoothly.
Test the voltage.
Take a look at the contactor switch how does it look?
test the pressure switches.
One more time considers the benefits of having a professional service your system to extend the life of the unit and keep your family comfortable.
Ok if you made it this far you should know the rest of the steps plus you’re probably not doing most of this anyways.

3. Filters and Vents
Change your filters out if they need it. If your not sure change the filter.
Check the vents and the return. Make sure nothing is restricting the air flow like a box of filters.
If you have floor vents pull out the vacuum hose and start cleaning.

4. Test the system
A lot of people will wait until it’s 100 degrees to test the air conditioning. I’m not pointing fingers at you I’m pointing at the thermostat. Turn the system on press some buttons. Give it a few minutes making sure everything works. Now 2 last pieces of advice. First stay on top of it preventive maintenance is the best medicine. Second, consider getting a service tech to inspect and service your system at least two times a year. This can literally save you thousands. Stay cool and stay on top of it.

and clean


Half of HVAC repairs are from a lack of proper maintenance.


Lack of proper maintenance can reduce system efficiency