About Us:


Located in both Smyrna GA and Hickory KY Preferred Contractor is your destination when it comes to local contractors  Here at Preferred Contractor we recognize the world of HVAC is ever evolving. Preferred Contractor holds experience in the world of manufacturing, distribution, retail, contracting and marketing we are constantly developing new and exciting ways to close the gap while providing solutions to the HVAC industry as a whole.

We are a home comfort network company with independently-owned, licensed HVAC installers. The Preferred Contractors are willing to properly size and provide install services while bridging the gap between home comfort purchases and the job site.

As an installer you recognize that the online movement is not going away. Online services are gaining momentum in the market and the consolidation of the specific market has already taken place. This makes every HVAC local tech either embrace the change or feel left behind. Our answer to the problem is to place your HVAC Service in the middle and start taking back the advantage today.

Through Preferred Contractor we are able to integrate our network with the world of e-commerce while maintaining the policies of the manufacture.This makes the point of purchase for consumer to technician a smooth efficient process.

In our network motivation is the main drive for Preferred Contractor. Why? Because we care. We care about the world of HVAC and the reach of both businesses, workers and consumers with in it.  Our mission is to expand on the ever changing world of HVAC while making it simple for all.