How Does Preferred Contractor Work?

We Send Homeowners In Need Of Your Expertise Directly To You.



How It Works – For Contractors

So…How Does It Work?

Customers who are shopping for HVAC equipment online, find Preferred Contractor on the web and use our Installation estimate tool to receive an Instant Installation quote.  

Our form has about 21 questions. Designed to Identify what they currently have and the time it should take to Install the new system.

Once the customer makes a request for a Contractor to verify the estimate. They are added to a job list organized by area. You can then see the answers to the 21 questions we asked them and the High and Low estimate we quoted them. From this point all you have to do is verify with them that you are willing to do the Installation only portion of the job for them within that range. Then start and complete the project. You install the equipment, get paid, and have a prime opportunity to arrange additional services like service agreements with a highly qualified lead.

Direct Contact

We are simply here to help you and the customer connect directly with each other. Consider us like your support staff. We knock out the work of asking the majority of Installation questions, Then we email you this information based on your preference’s. Leaving you more time to complete jobs.

Your Preferred Contractor CRM

Finding Installation jobs is important, but it is not the only way we can help your business. Signing up to Preferred Contractor allows you access to an entire suite of useful member services. You can use our free “CRM” (Customer Relationship Management) system to keep track of and easily communicate with your customers, and enjoy access to our member buying group.

We know the Industry and we know the products. The best part we can put you in front of qualified customers so your not running all around town for nothing.

Analytics and Reporting

It is hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Preferred Contractor reporting and analytics can provide you with real data about who you have contacted, met with, and earned as a customer.. With that information you can make decisions about how you make your services more attractive, adjust rates, or maybe increase the cost of your service as a response to a large increase in demand.

Equipment Buying Group

We have strength in numbers! Being a Preferred Contractor comes with many benefits. One of the best ones is the ability to source equipment for less. You have the option to join our buying group allowing you to purchase equipment for prices normally reserved for larger companies. When you add up all of the purchasing power of our network. We are an extremely attractive account for both manufacturers and distributors. Our office support staff constantly strives to make sure we are all taking advantage of that fact and getting the best prices on equipment possible.  

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

~ Henry Ford