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How It Works – For Homeowners

So…How Does It Work?

First, we work for you. We know you want a reliable, dependable and highly trained specialist to help you with your next home improvement job or repair. Our duty is to provide you with an exhaustive list of such specialists from across the country. Browse our listings, find your contractor match, and get started on the home improvement job of your dreams.

Getting started is simple, easy, and free. Craft your Homeowner Profile today for zero dollars (i.e. – free) and absolutely no commitment. Better yet, we’ll never ask you to pay us anything ever to find the best contractor for your next job. This is a no-strings-attach commitment you can keep or break any time you want.

Start Searching

After you’ve created your always free Homeowner Profile, you can start searching Preferred Contractor for a qualified and reliable professional near you. Our search criteria allow you to tailor your query to meet your exact needs. You aren’t throwing darts in the dark; you’re using a sophisticated database streamlined to your exact specifications.

Direct Contact, Direct Service

When you find a professional whose service you are interested in using for your next project, you are able to contact them directly. Preferred Contractor offers a free, simple private messaging system to help our members keep track and organize their conversations with professionals; but we don’t force our members to use our messaging service, like most similar websites. If a contractor feels comfortable displaying their phone number, email, or anything other contact information publicly – feel free to reach out and connect!

Preferred Contractor was created by homeowners, frustrated with the difficulty and cost of finding a quality professional to help with things like: heating and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, siding, construction, roofing, and all sorts of other home improvement and renovation projects. Our professionals want to help you on your next project, so reach out today.

Also, if you like our service, consider upgrading to a premium account to receive exciting new features and functionality.

Contractor Profiles

Of course, we don’t want you to make a decision without information. Which is why you can review every contractor profile on Preferred Contractor at your leisure. You don’t have to pay a special fee to see reviews and qualifications All you have to do is open an Internet browser and start searching.

Report Your Experience

Your value to Preferred Contractor does not end after the job is done. We want you to come back to our site and review the professional that helped you improve or repair your home. If you were happy with their work, let the world know. If they didn’t do the job they should have, that’s important information too. New customers are always searching through the listings. Your experience is invaluable to them.

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. ~ John Wooden


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