How Does Preferred Contractor Work?

The Preferred Partnership Just Around The Corner.

We Offer The Nation’s Best Multiplier for ” E-Tailer’s. ” 



How It Works – For Vendors

So…How Do We Work?

The Preferred Contractor embedded code is here where the magic happens. Your customers will fill in a few lines about their project. After the fill in process is complete Preferred Contractor will reach out to get a few more details in regards to the scope of the install. Then the homeowner can request that a contractor verify the given estimate by the vendor.


Save time

In our experience Homeowners realize that by purchasing the equipment themselves they can potentially save thousands. This doesn’t mean that they are experts and so they still have a lot of questions. Our Preferred Contractor network is designed to help walk them through their current system and the basic requirements for installing their new system. 

HVAC Commerce Sites currently selling home comfort equipment typically face daily issues that Preferred Contractor can help with:

* Customers calling in multiple times searching for an installer before purchasing. 

* Neglected warranty registrations

* Improper sizing

* Improper ordered products resulting in refunds and restocking fees

* Bad online reviews related to delivery, installation and warranty issues.


Redirect Customer Integrity.

We believe in a “Preferred Partnership.” If you find out that the Contractor has sold your customer the equipment cutting you out of the equation. Report them and they will be removed from the network. It’s that simple.

Increase Online Sales

The bottom line is that most of your customers will need to talk to an Installer at some point to make a good purchase from you. This puts your customer in a more comfortable position to purchase from you knowing that you can also help them find an Installer. This puts you in a better position to secure your sale if the customer talks to a contractor before making a purchase from you. And it puts the Contractor in a better position to knock out an Install for less than they would normally charge because we have removed the tedious nuance of negotiation and information gathering for them.

Market leadership can translate directly to higher revenue, higher profitability, greater capital velocity, and correspondingly stronger returns on invested capital. ~Jeff Bezos