Welcome to Preferred Contractor

Welcome to Preferred Contractor

No matter your project, Preferred Contractor can match you with local professionals to get it finished quickly and easily.
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Use our instant quote calculator to find qualified professionals in your local neighborhood. Whether you need an installation or full service our search technology can connect you simply and easily. With Online HVAC installation estimate calculator.
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Read honest reviews from real customers in your neighborhood to make sure you are making the right decision..
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Once upon a time the simplest way to find a contractor was in the back of a phone book. Today, thanks to the ingenuity of the internet, we can go online and search. However, this is about as reliable as the old method. Some contractors allow customers to list reviews online, but most do not. How are you supposed to know if you are hiring someone reliable, or a fly-by-night company, only out to make a quick buck? Simple, you don’t.

We invite you to rely on Preferred Contractor for your next home improvement project, and you can make an educated decision based on honest, real customer reviews and opinions. And it’s absolutely free, for all parties involved.

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Congratulations you are about to save thousands of dollars.

Most sites will have you enter your contact details, and then send your name to 3-5 contractors. We believe at that rat you would have been better off just trying to google for a contractor yourself. That’s where we take a different approach to the system we are going to find you one contractor that we believe is the best match for the job. We believe you will be delighted with your results. Give it a shot there is absolutely no obligation what so ever.

Here is what we know, you found us because you are a smart shopper who didn’t just take the first deal that someone presented. You do your homework and so do we. We look for contractors they are licensed and insured with an average rating of over 4 stars.

What we have found is that this is similar to the subcontractor general contractor relationship. When we approach a contractor with that mindset they are more open to the Idea of doing something like this.

It’s good to remember most of the good contractors are in high demand and it doesn’t make sense for them to spend time doing projects that are less profitable when they are overbooked with work. The trick is we all know there is a Tuesday coming up where don’t have a full schedule and that’s where we are going to help you squeeze in.


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